Friday, March 4, 2011

The Cycling Gods Have It In For Me This Week

Have you ever wondered about the gods that govern your sport and whether they hate you or not? I have and do, and am sorely convinced that cycling gods hate me. I can give you two examples of events in the last 48 hours that prove they hate me - or that they just do want me to ride on dads new blinged out of the two.

Ok so example, I was taking dad's new wheels up one of the local brisbane mountains. As I'm getting near-ish to the base of the 30km climb known as Mt.Nebo (which by the way guys has some of the most amazing views and scenery you will ever see), my back blewout down hill shreding the tyre casing. I saved it....just. Then I had a nice 3km barefoot walk to the nearest train station. I was barefoot because walking long distances in bike shoes is not good for ones feet and I didn't want to put holes all through my socks.
Next example: This morning as I'm literally swinging a leg over my bike to go for a light ride around the river (yes with my dad's wheels on the bike) it starts to hammer down with rain, well I can't take dad's new wheels out in the wet in good conscience first can I? So I must now wait untill after my 9:30am dentist appointment before I can potentially go for a ride today. Not cool cycling gods, not cool.

What a great way to start Friday!

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