Saturday, May 21, 2011

Just Like It's The End Of The World, It's Nine In The Afternoon

In quoting on of my favourite songs "Nine In The Afternoon" by rock geniuses panic at the disco. So It's the end of the world, apparently. Someone has forecast that at 10pm tonight or 6pm in america the world is going to end. Now if I remember correctly, the millenium bug was meant to end the world. Swine and Bird Flu were meant to unleash a pandemic of apocalyptic proportions, as the same can be said for mad cow disease. We are still here people. I would like to just point out I'm writing this with 5minutes to go, until this so called judgement day, just as sign of how extremely confident I am the world is not going to end. I am sure the world will end one day, however I doubt it will be in 5 minutes time simply because an idiot with no common sense whatsoever says it will.

I rest my case.

Stay Safe and Awesome
Dangerous Dave

1 comment:

  1. The bloke should have opened his own professed manuscript to Matthew 24:36.

    p.s. the bloke is a loon.