Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Rollercoaster Known As Life

As I write this I’m sitting in Indooroopilly shopping mall, waiting to meet up with a group of friends. I friend myself reflecting back on the roller coaster my life has been since my last entry. I must admit though, I feel as though I have let you my readers down, by not giving you the day by day play by play of my comings and goings. For this I apologise.

Moving on ok – right I’m back – excellent. The bike has been rebuilt to an even better standard then what it was at before, with just one upgrade left to do on the current frame, it soon will be truly a complete package.

Also had my first race of the year. Now I have re-adjusted my goals in accordance with some physiological testing done by myself an my coach, and have abandoned my goal of the Grand Slam for at least this season. Instead I will focus all my attention on the biggest one day race in the state, held on the first weekend in August the 96km Gatton to Warwick race, known as the Cunningham Classic. Uphill for the first 30km and then rolling hills and a traditional roaring headwind for the next 60km its not a fun race, or a general pleasant way to spend one’s Saturday but hey would be awesome to win.

It’s a race I have always dreamed about winning. Now back on subject, the first race for the year was Round 1 of The Tripleplay Sizzling Summer Series hosted by the logan cycling club at their beautiful creastmead industrial estate circuit.

Mid Race Muck Around

At the back chilling out
I was a given a race-plan earlier in the week from my coach to go out there and in his words “attack first, attack later, then when you think you can’t attack some more” which is something I don’t usually need to be told twice, and is of course exactly what I did. As evidenced by the pictures.  My grade rolled in extremely hot conditions of 36 degrees and track temperatures that must have surely been in the high 40’s. These conditions coupled with my hyper aggressive race-plan didn’t quite mix, and I had to abandon the race with 2 laps to go, due to extremely cramping in my right leg, to the point where I could no longer pedal.

However there were several positive that I could take out of this race:
1)    My race fitness was of a higher standard then I expected, I was by no means no the strongest rider, but I was a fair way off being the weakest rider.
2)    My bike handling skills have also improved from this time last year – whilst they ran the course the opposite way to 12 months ago – I felt I was able to throw my bike into the corners on the course at much higher speeds then I would have previously felt comfortable doing.
3)    My bunch riding confidence at speed as largely returned there were very few instances that I found myself reaching for my brake levers whilst in the bunch during the race.

So the aims for Round 2 this Sunday are:
1)    Finish the race using the same race-plan this time
2)    Aim to contest any sprint that may eventuate at the finish of the race
3)    Podium

So I look forward to this weekend’s round 2 hopefully I’ll be able to build on my form from last weekends round 1.

Now for a shameless plug!

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Also I have found myself a sponsor for this year, basically, a few of the masters boys that I train with have decided to form a masters road/teams triathlon team. As previous agreements with different organisations have fallen through, JB - the guy behind the company sponsoring them – has kindly given me a sponsorship for the 2011 season, he is truly a champion and a great mentor, one who I aim to emulate in his conduct and behaviour as closely as I can.

That’s all for now but what a rollercoaster my life has been the last few weeks!!

Hope its nice and quite for a few weeks so I can catch my breath!

Stay Safe, Awesome and Chilled.
Dangerous Dave

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