Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thinking Vs Knowing Vs Believing

Which is better? To think you can do something? To know you can do something? To believe you can do something?

I think it is often better to believe you can do something, rather then to think you can do it or know you can do it. I'm going to use winning as the 'act' here, just for ease of explaining my point. 
You often cannot know you are going to win, and if you think you do know you are going to win your an idiot, no offense but you are. To know you are going to win, at sport or anything else, you need to be able to predict and control the outcomes of a multitude of events, the vast majority of which will 9 times out of ten lie outside your direct ability to control. Such a thing is not possible. Thus it is not logical or even possible for that matter to know your going to win.

Now the tricky part, the difference between thinking you can win, and believing you can win. The answer, is simple. Common Sense. The great winners and champions in whatever field there involved in, will have not one shred of common sense in their body. Allow me to elaborate further.

Thinking you can win, will get you to a point, sure you may win occasionally through thinking you can. However, when the odds get stacked against you, or events have turned dramatically against you and victory seems impossible the man who thinks he can win will use his common sense, and more then likely be happy with what he has achieved OR give up all together.

Believing you can win is the longest path to victory, but definitely the sweetest when you get there. You do you things not essentially because you know you will win, thinking you might be able to, but believing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can. It is this belief the overrides common sense, that allows the great winners to push themselves to whatever limits exists and then well beyond those. Believing you can win may not always result in winning but will result, in the majority of cases, in having the opportunity to win. Simple maths can tell us that the more opportunities to win you have, the sooner or later you will start winning, it's merely a matter of time.

So I ask you, what do you believe you can do?

Stay Safe Awesome and Chilled
Dangerous Dave

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