Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Never Has Defeat Been So Succesful

Ok first things first, ANZAC 25 was this weekend. I raced as the defending champion, I failed to win my grade for the second year running. I went down swinging though, attacking with 15mins in the race to go, only being caught in the final corner before the finish... oh well, when your the type of racer I am, you live and die by the breakaway. Some days it comes off for you, other days it doesn't. It's why its called racing, as well as a huge part of the reason why I love this sport so much.

It was nice though to race again on ANZAC Day, there is just something about the occasion and the lakeside race track that seem to bring out the best in me. Not many people were giving me much hope beforehand, I still managed though to surprise even myself at just how close I went to pulling a miracle win! Oh well that's just racing.

This weekend I'll compete in one of my favorite events on the racing calendar the Battle On The Border Presented By Velo. If my form at ANZAC 25 was anything to go off of, I think I may be a good chance at winning a stage, perhaps not the overall, but I really believe a stage win is achievable and quite realistic. It's also a beautiful race, held down on the tweed coast, the border between NSW and QLD, the parcours of the race take in some epic mountains as well as sparkling beaches. If your going to be in the area this weekend, I strongly suggest checking it out!

Overall the feeling heading into this weekend and upcoming races is greatly positive, as my recent work with my new coach Steven George at "Crankstar" as paid enormous and quite noticeable benefits after all only a month. Indeed I'm scared by the possibility of my form will be like come august and the spring classics.

I have also managed to get my weight down to a more respectable 76kg, a loss of 9kgs so far, which I've held quite steady, the next step is to lose another 8-10kgs, of course this will be done in conjunction with Steve and maybe a dietitian.

Untill Next Time, Stay Safe Awesome and Chilled
Dangerous Dave

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