Thursday, October 6, 2011

The End Of The Beginning

Ok so I am just about 24 hours removed from the start of my last university exam for this term. I am without a doubt a total bundle of nerves right now but I've faith in the knowledge I am prepared as best I can be, now the rest is up to what I am capable of on the day.

However I think it's time I take this moment right now to reflect upon how I've grown these last four and a half months not only in knowledge but in maturity as well. Four and a half months ago, I was very emotionally immature, I would not accept the responsibility for my decisions. I would focus too much so on the outcome of any given situation I was in, rather then as I am now where I focus on the processes involved in obtaining the outcome that is most desirable for me.

I've learnt much to my mother's great surprise to do my own washing and on the very rare occasion my own ironing. I've learnt to become a lot more independant person and a lot more emotionally mature.

I don't view the end of this semester as the end of the first semester of study, I am taking the view it is the end of the beginning of something altogether entirely different, and I am greatly looking forward to that journey and the awesome summer I have lined up!

Dangerous Dave

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