Monday, March 14, 2011

Doing Everything Right and Still Getting Beat

Ok well the last two rounds of summer series didn't go to my personal plans, but the team plan almost came off. Race Reports are below:

Round 2:
Saw what could be the sensation of the year, announce himself to the south east queensland racing scene. Kasey Clark from aus cycle coaching, simply just rode away from the field as if they were amatuers. The wind conditions were brutal shredding the field to ribbons. The Ricoh duo of Matt Simonelli and Dave Mcatee, rode out of their skins with McAtee reveling in his super-domestique role - bridging his team captain across the gap to clark and then driving the breakaway, to ensure it stayed away, blowing his legs apart in the process.
Clark then dropped Simonelli at the 500m to go mark, simonelli hanging on to finish 2nd and take yellow, clark sat 2nd overall by a point.

Round 3: 
The boys at Ricoh knew they would have a streetfight on their hands - 4 aus cycle coaching riders versus the 2 of them. Dave McAtee drove the pace - when he wasn't doing that he spent several laps covering moves or softening the bunch with several attacks which were nothing short of inspired - including arguably the series highlight an all-out attack on the inside of the bunch on the quickest part of the circuit in driving rain.

It was't to be though with Kasey Clark again riding away from the field at 2nd intermediate sprint, this clearly enraged McAtee and Simonelli as a chase group formed behind them, McAtee and Simonelli shredded the chase group apart - McAtee at one stage holding 48kph for 6 laps alone on the front, again blowing himself in the process - but they failed to make any inroads into the 15 second advantage that Clark created for himself. Clark rode a very cool and composed finale to earn the yellow jersey for the series.

Comiserations must surely go to Ricoh - they rode the perfect series they just got beaten by a better athlete. Kasey Clark - One to watch for the future

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