The History of The Life and Times of Dangerous Dave

I started "The Life and Times of Dangerous Dave" almost a year ago, in an attempt to produce a blog about quite literally the day to day comings and goings of my life. However I soon quickly became quite disheartened in my attempts at producing a blog about nothing.

This certainly gave me a new respect for how hard the makers of the TV show Seinfeld must have worked. However I went on hiatus as my life became very interesting, very quickly.

A rapid succession of changes, moving 600km away from my friends and family to study psychology and sociology at Central Queensland University as well as a fierce training regime on my bike left me with quiet little time to blog.

There were several attempts to restart the blog however for one reason or another they all fell quiet flat on their metaphorical faces. However now I'm back with a new attitude on not just my blogging, but on my life as a whole. So join me, as I take as both on adventurous roller coaster known as The Life and Times of Dangerous Dave....