Sunday, June 5, 2011


One of my closest friends, is currently writing a blog on his adventures and misadventures involving thirty goals and his attempts and triumphs completing them. Check it out here. I thought I would publish my list which I've broken down into some different categories, some of these goals I have already achieved, some I have not and may never achieve which is fine, these are just a list of goals I wish to accomplish in my lifetime.

Sporting Goals:

  • Successfully complete a marathon running the 42.2km continuously
  • Successfully complete the Hawaii Iron-Man Triathlon by swimming, riding and running continuously.
  • Ride Up Mt.Cootha in sub 8 minutes (Achieved 2/4/09)
  • Swimming 1500m continuously
  • Perform 200 sit ups and 200 push ups (Achieved 8/9/10)
  • Be able to run 2 consecutive beep tests to completion (Achieved 1/3/10)
  • Run a kilometer in under a minute
  • Learn to Play Squash
  • Became A Proficent Leg Spin Bowler
Educational/Scholarly Goals:
  • Complete at least two undergraduates degrees with a GPA of 5.5 or above
  • attain a GPA of 6.0 or over for a subjects for one semester of university study
  • Win a medal for at least one degree course.
  • Write and publish a fictional novel.
  • Write and publish a non-fiction book.
  • Write a biography of at least one well known individual
  • Chair a conference on Bipolar Disorder.
  • Read Encyclopedia Britannica cover to cover
  • Read The Bible cover to cover 
  • Teach A University subject
  • Learn and become proficient in four languages not including english
Family Goals:
  • Marry the girl of my dreams and have children with said girl
  • Live to see my grand children grow into adult-hood
  • Live to see the next century
Fun Goals:
  • Learn to play the flute, violin and guitar proficiently
  • Learn to sing properly
  • Appear on TV (Achieved 21/5/10)
  • Build my own telescope and microscope
  • Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • Walk the Kokada Track
  •  Learn and become proficient in the use of the following vehicles; car, plane, motorcycle, boat, train.
  • Visit the Seven Ancient and Seven Modern Wonders of The World Still In Existence. 

So thats it thats my list. Who knows how many I'll be able to check-off, but thats not the point is it?

"The goal is irrelevant and does not matter, only the journey to it is relevant and indeed the only thing that does matter"

Stay Cool, Safe and Awesome
Dangerous Dave


  1. Can I be the one to point that that running a kilometre in under a minute relies on you posting the world record for the 100 metre sprint, ten times consecutively?

    p.s. the 400m world record is 42 seconds.

    Good luck mate hahaha! I love your enthusiasm.

  2. You can Jimmy but as I said in the blog, it's not the goal simply the journey to it. Also one day someone probably will do it, just not it won't be me, and probably not till usain bolt decides to get on the gear...