Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Normal Service Has Resumed or Excitement of the New Year

Well I have decided that after the silly season of christmas and new years its time to get into normal life routine again or the resumption of normal service so as the world starts back again. So must I return to normal sleep patterns, normal exercise routines, job-hunting, coaching the athletes I coach, getting ready for year 1 of Uni online and so forth.

When I look at this coming year ahead and goals I have set for myself, there will be more then enough to keep me busy and out of trouble. If all goes to plan I'll barely have time to scratch myself. Which is good because if you scratch yourself enough eventually you start bleeding....

So as normal service resumes I say bring on 2011 and all the challenge this year is going to throw at me, because I'm pumped to meet them head on 

Bring It
Dangerous Dave

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