Monday, January 17, 2011

Backing Down Vs Walking Away, The Second Coming of '74, Australian Cycling and its relative state thereof

Ok thats an excessively long title so my apologies for that however the title is reflective of what this post is going to be. You have been warned. 

Backing Down Vs Walking Away Or More Aptly The Difference of The Two:
Ok a few weeks ago I decided to not compete in the art of bike racing in 2011 however upon further reflection I can't just walk away from a sport that has given me so much in return for what I have given it. Instead I will focus solely on completing the Cycling QLD Grandslam which is to win the following events in the same calendar year:

  • The Triple Play Sizzling Summer Series (February): Three Critieriums held on back to back weekends at the lightning fast and uber technical creastmead industrial circuit
  • The ANZAC 25 (April): On of QLD's most famous events held every year on anzac day each grade completes 25 laps of the lakeside raceway, two climbs and traditionally quite hot - One for a Breakaway
  • The Velo Cycles Battle On The Border (1st Weekend In May): Run on the Labour Day(QLD) long weekend on the tweed coast this is simple 1 Short TT, Long RR, Short RR, Crit. Oh I forgot to mention the long RR uses some of australia's most feared and revered climbs.
  • The Cunningham Classic (August): Gatton To Warwick uphill for the first 36kms then a headwind after that, its not a bike race its a 100km war on wheels not for the faint heart.                 
Thats it the Cycling Qld grandslam no racer has ever actually achieved this feat so it will be interesting to see how I fair. I would like to think instead of walking away from cycling I'm backing down but to achieve more if you follow.

The Second Coming of '74 Or Water A Freaking But-load of It.
Ok as we all should be well and truly aware Brisbane, Ipswich, Emerald, Bundaberg, and the remaining 3/4 quarters of Queensland have experienced the worst floods since 1974 with the damage bill estimated to be in the billions of dollars and facing a clean up of gargantuan proportions. I would strongly urge all to donate to the flood appeal - to which I will post a link up later in the week. The economic damage will be felt for years. I was personally unaffected by the floods, however I know people who have lost everything and we have heard of others who have lost more than that. So FREAKING DONATE!!!

Australian Cycling and its Relative State Thereof:
Anyone who knows me knows that this is my favourite sport in the world thus I'm going to offer a report card on the state of the sport at the moment, the criteria will be: 

  • Admin
  • Performance of International Stars
  • Sports Profile Locally
The Overall mark though isn't an average of the three marks:

Admin: Cycling Australia are in my view doing an outstanding job at the moment throwing their entire weight behind GREENedge the future looks bright, and the admin side of cycling in australia is running as smoothly as ever just wish cycling queensland were better organised - another post altogether that one. Mark: A

Performance of Stars: THANK CHRIST WE HAVE YOUNG TALENT!! If it wasn't for the likes of boys with names like, Jay McCarthy 2nd at U19 worlds, Luke Durbridge 2nd at U23 worlds TT, Jack Bobridge, Cam Meyer, Travis Meyer, Matt Goss et all - if its wasn't for these boys we would be screwed. McEwen has been and still is a great sprinter on his day but his days are few and far between at the moment. Evans is when he decides to not injure himself or make himself sick, or just have a shit team - he is ok and pretty decent would love to see BMC bring him even more firepower. Mark:  B

Profile of The Sport Locally: Ok we all know it pretty much doesn't exists locally and CA needs to lift the game on this one and try and expand the membership base and such. Mark: D+

Overall Mark: A-

Stay Awesome and Chilled Danger Dave

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