Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Greatest Apostrophe of All Time

Today on the train home, from a meeting in city - it happened. A whole story complete with characters, plot-lines, settings, items, names, voices even a whole language formed itself. Then it decided to jump into my head like an explosion. A sudden moment of stunning clarity. My brain instantly kicked itself into overdrive mode - with one overriding thought - "Jesus H. Christ! Why the blue hell did I not think of this three years ago when I was 16, deluded and trying to write a book?"

So I have taken it upon myself to start penning this story, which quite literally appeared in my head. Let's See where this journey takes us. For once though I'm quite literally jumping out of my skin and excited to the point of talking to myself although some people argue I talk to myself anyway....but still I'm excited about telling a story again GODDAMN IT!

This is gonna interesting

Stay Awesome and Chilled

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