Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Job Hunting and The Australian Cricket Team - What they both have in common

They are both as absolutely shit as they sound! huh? huh? anyone?

But seriously people - we know we are screwed when the live betting odds on the TV are giving the odd on who will be England's leading wicket taker for the series as opposed to the match odds - there is quite a nagging question at me. Are we actually that crap or is England that good? Being that the opposition is England and we are Australian, I'm thinking we're crap because that makes England not as good as what they probably are which in turn makes me feel a little bit better about myself, deep down inside. So YAY for me.

Job hunting, we've all been there and boy o boy, how much does it seriously suck? like I mean really, you apply and apply and apply, seek is now my auto home-page such is the amount of visits the site has received in recent history, however job hunting is a numbers game. Around this I work on two theories about how I conduct my job hunting. First, a prospective employer can only ever say no to my application, thus even if I may not be what they are looking for, ask anyway as you never know your luck. Second the more jobs I apply for the greater my chances of getting a job are because I have given myself a greater number of chances by applying for a greater number of jobs.

But at the end of day, the aussie cricket team and job hunting are indeed both as shit as they sound

Stay Safe, Awesome and Chilled
Danger Dave

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