Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Sweetest Thing

There comes a time in man's life where he is ready to openly admit that he is totally in love with someone, totally ready to say to the world who it is that he loves without fear of consequence or reproach. For me that time has now come. First, before I reveal the person who I have fallen for in such a way, I am willing to offer my view on the difference between love and that ever deadly sin lust.

When you lust after someone, it is often a hollow feeling, it is wanting something so badly that when you finally get it you feel hollow inside as you probably don't know what to do with it. Lust is often when we are merely just physically attracted to a person, with little emotional and intellectual basis or foundation for this physical attraction to grow and expand upon. Whilst many argue that lust is what all love is first, I would argue that love and lust are simply separate entities, and that they always have been.

When your in love with someone it's very hard to describe to other people what you feel. I think it is something very few people if any can tell you that you are, it is something that you just know inside that you are indeed in love. To me being in love, particularly with  the girl I have fallen in love with, makes all the hard training rides, races where I smash myself to my physical limit, all the long hours and nights spent at the desk studying, all the long hours spent at the coffee shop or sleeping, it is what makes all these things totally and utterly worth it.

Simply because I know I will have someone there for me to take away all the hurt all the suffering, all the tiredness and exhaustion, I will have someone there who simply understands me at the most basic level, someone there who will appreciate me for who I am and what I want to be, not who they want me to be or what they me want to be. Thats what it all means to me.

Her name is Nicole and I love her
Peace Dangerous Dave
Ain't Love The Sweetest Thing?

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