Tuesday, October 4, 2011

BAM! New Layout! Tons of New Stuff On The Way!

OK! So I'm a slackass in updating my blog - What else is new? While I work on some new stuff, such as taking tons of photos to upload onto this blog - to show you awesome readers the important people in my life - I'm going to start regularly blogging at least twice a week from now on! That's right more awesome for you to look forward to!

This is probably helped by the fact I will finish out my first semester of university level studies, so I'll be back in Brisbane for four months. I AM SO AMAZINGLY PUMPED FOR THIS! I'll be having some amazing adventures over the summer as well as hanging out with friends, working, racing, training and just generally maxing out the living of my life!

The reason for this new attitude is simple. LIFE IS TO SHORT SO MAKE EACH DAY COUNT!

So enjoy the new layout and look forward to the raft of changes coming to a computer near you, very, very soon.

Danger Dave

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