Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why Do We Do It

Last year, on a previous blog of mine, I posted a blog about why we ride. I recently submitted it for publication in a University Newsletter, they cleaned it up a little bit though, and I thought they removed a bit of the emotion from it in doing so. I present for your reading pleasure my most viewed post in history.

"Why Do We Do It?"

Why do we do it?
Why do we get up at 4:00am to train? Why do we push ourselves to our physical limits and beyond?
Why do we dream about that one race? Why do we make those choices? Why do we climb that hill? Why do we sprint like we stole something? Why do we try win every race from club crits to epic roadies like Cunningham?

Why are we going to bed at 8:30pm when most people are going out? Why do we freeze in winter then cook ourselves in the summer? Why do we mentally scream "shut up legs, shut up body do what I tell you"?
Why do we get in dog fights for "the" wheel in a sprint 20 years from now no-one will remember?

I'll tell you,
We do it for you, those who care about us, those who support us, those who drive to the middle of nowhere to show they care and support us, those who fly to the middle of nowhere to show they care and support us, those who stand on the hill screaming and yelling encouragement that turns into sound as we fly past.

Those who watch and notice and those who don't, those who've suffered like we have for little in return. Those who tell us there is always another race, even when it could be the Tour De France we just lost.

Those who make the mammoth amounts of pasta, those who understand the passion, even if their passions lie elsewhere, those who share our drive but not our passion, those who understand that we are a family, we are brothers, we are sisters. Those who are our brothers and our sisters.  Those who push us to limits when we stop pushing ourselves.

Those who care for us when we are hurt, those who teach us and learn with us as well as from us. Those who makes us believe anything is possible, those who makes us believe we can fly. Those who have shared our highs lows and in-betweens. Those who want us to succeed, those who makes us succeed. Most of all we do it for those who never stopped believing...

We do it for each and every single one of you.

Danger Dave"

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