Wednesday, April 6, 2011

En Masse Layout Changes. Some Essential Linkage. Other Events Of Note Forthcoming or Otherwise

So I'm thinking inline with the launch of project Dave 2.0, I would update the blog's layout, I've added an about me page and will also experiment with moving things like The Laws of Good Taste (which are due for some revisions and additions stay tuned for that) into their own separate pages.  I do however hope you find the new layout easier to read and much more attractive to your eyes. 

I thought I would also share with you some blogs and sites from around the internet that I enjoy and often visit or otherwise known as Dave's Essential Linkage:

The Radical Change 2010 - This is something I have plugged before and is on my reading list, however it is such a great blog as well as concept that I feel obliged to plug it again.

The Best Cook I Know - Ok it's my sister's award and competition winning blog site. Food, creativity, awesome.

I would post some more links but I want to check with the appropriate owners of the links in question that I can post link's to their sites on this.

So here are some upcoming events of note or just events of note, if we both happen to be at the same event feel free to come have a chat, tell me how great you think my blog is, or how bad you think it is either is good by me, or just hurl some general abuse at me, it's all good:
  • ANZAC Day 25th April - Given the military history that my family is apart of, this day is very close to my heart. It to me is Australia's only true national day, where we come together as one nation to celebrate and remember the lives of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice both long ago and in more recent times in order for us to sleep easier at night. Lest We Forget.
  • Anzac 25, Lakeside International Raceway 25th April - My favorite race on the calendar, for three reasons, one it's on Anzac and every racer lifts emotionally. Two it's a great circuit, two bergs make it a great circuit for breakaway specialists and some of the climbers who can kick at the end. Three,  I have won it before, and hopefully this year I can win it again.
  • Battle On The Border Cycling Festival: A four day stage race, great fun, very tough mentally, physically and emotionally. It's a four day war of attrition and very worth coming down to watch, race or ride.

Hope the coming weeks are kind to us, as winter is definately approaching.
Stay Safe, Awesome and Chilled.
Dangerous Dave

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