Monday, April 4, 2011

Dave 2.0

Ok it's been a week since I announced to the world, some of my more personal battles with both weight and inner demons. Firstly thanks are in order to great many people who have offered their support, time, advice and counsel to help on my journey its a great thing indeed to know I am not doing this alone.

Secondly a big shout out to Matty S, who had a nasty fall racing over the weekend and has smashed himself up quite a bit. All the best for a speedy recovery dude.

Now back to my first point I have decided to name this new challenge/project/incarnation/version of myself Dave 2.0 partly because anything to take the piss out of lance armstrong is good, and second because I think this will mark the start of the second main phase of my life if that makes any sort of sense? It doesn't? Well to bad it did to me.

So Welcome To Dave 2.0:
Week 1: 3.5 kilogram loss. Zero Ride Time. Current Weight 81.5 kilograms. Skin Folds: Not Known.

Stay Safe Awesome and Chilled
Dangerous Dave

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