Sunday, January 2, 2011

Writing Running Thinking Planning

Today was a day of action. 

I finished the planning of my book - although have more to go back and do, thanks to some advice and thoughts from my sister and her boyfriend, Adam. I also have written the first chapter - YAY one down - many more to go. What I look forward to most about this book I am writing is that I enjoy writing about each of the characters and I want to tell their story.

I went for another run which was fun I lasted an hour this time - and thought more about more exercise program for this year and what it will have to encompass for me to achieve my goals in this area. I also wrote it down, which helped to make it very clear in my head what I am going to be doing and when I am going to be doing it.

Speaking of goals, today I took the time to think about my goals for this year. With feelings in my head that although a great learning experience, I may have wasted time and a fair amount of it in 2010, something I do not wish to repeat in 2011. Thus I have written out several goals for each area of my life, including goals for my study at university, goals for my novel, goals for my lifestyle as well as nutrition and other areas. I consider myself to be a good goal setter, and one thing I do when I set goals in whatever area, is a set down next to my goal how I will go about achieving this goal, so I have a clear pathway to action.

all in all a good day
Stay Awesome and Chilled   

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