Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Mr.Speaker, can the record please show my deep-seated and passionate hatred of anything organisational with a particular focus on lists?

Seriously, I hate being organised which through nature makes me a very organised person don't ask me how I achieve of this feat of organisation when I hate being it organised I assume I am organised though as I have been by people I deem to be organised that I am quite indeed organised so therefore must be.

However the very thought of organisation is totally and utterly unappealing to me, to have everything planned out exactly how it will happen, when it will happen and why it will happen. To me that seems pointless...why plan everything to the 3rd degree when you will more then like encounter something to lay waste to your best laid plans at some point. I tend to have a rough idea or plan in my head and then make my way to the end of that rough (I use the term 'rough' extremely loosely here to) plan however I feel like or in other words I make it up as I go.

So as to how I can appear organised to other people when my life is 80% improvisation is well and truly beyond me. However as my mum says "there you go"

Stay Safe Awesome and Chilled
Danger Dave

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