Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Cast Of The Life and Times Of Dangerous Dave

People are the main people in my life and what they do and why they have had such an impact upon me and my direction in life and other suchness. Note these are not there real names just names I call them in real life because hey I do that.

Mother: My mum, enough said.
Dad: Change the names from mum and enough said.

The Bossman: Coach, Mechanic, Hard-Man, Friend, Confidant, Giver Advise and Wisdom not just related to cycling but life in general. The debt I owe to the bossman is one that I cannot put into words when I was overweight to the tune of 100kgs not less then 2 years ago, it was he who believed I could lose the weight. It was he who made me genuinely believe I could achieve whatever I wanted to and that nothing was impossible if I wanted it enough and worked hard enough for it. It's the bossman who has seen my highest of highs and achieve things I never thought I could do, he has also seen my lowest of lows. Forget Jack Gibson and John Buchannan The  Bossman is THE super coach.

Sister Suspect: My arch nemesis, my greatest ally and everything in between. As I always say I call her suspect because if I anything goes wrong I always suspect my sister. Giver of great no-nonsense advice and very practical in her thinking. Possessed of brains and wit, as well as a keen cultural sense - loves nothing more then telling me how the paint polymers in painting work together to achieve whatever. A great whatever she is that day.

Spiritual Bro: If I had a brother SB is who it would be known each other since before I can remember I think. Been great mates only the last year but still who cares. If I was in a life boat I would say give me SB anyday of the week and twice on sunday, don't reckon we would survive that long lost at sea but shit the journey to the death would be funny and entertaining as hell. The one guy who just doesn't care what I've managed to do, always listens and never judges - As close to Jesus as we are going to get in my view.

The Great One (JB): This is guy that the people like the bossman go to when they need help/advice. One of the best problem solvers probably on the planet. A wizard with all sorts of numbers but thats just his day job, he has become like a second dad to me, awesome with his advice, and someone who I believe genuinely wants to see those around him excel in the endeavour that is life.

Great Cuzz: The bestest most awesome cousin in the history of whenever, a totally awesome person, cousin, student, babysitter, human being.

Sprintman: One of most cool-headed people I know, can assess any situation and determine the most appropriate course of action in seconds. A great life enthusiast.

Mr.Seear: Someone I inspire to be, one-day. If we could all model our behaviour more on Mr.Seear's in terms of his manner and conduct the world would be a better place for it.

Thats about it for now will update this page more and more over time so check by to this specific blog everynow and then for more Cast Profiles.

Stay Safe Awesome and Chilled

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