Sunday, January 23, 2011

Danger and Opportunity or Crisitunity

In any situation, there is danger and opportunity, indeed the chinese even use the same word for danger and opportunity. Which is basically what I find myself facing now, I can go two ways from here.

1. Danger: I can sit and mop and go poor me I crashed my bike's a write off, etc ,etc ,etc HOW FRICKING BORING.

2. Opportunity: I can go right bike is a write off, ok options: 1) New Bike: expensive, money research time effort and a lot of running around. 2) reincarnate my current bike, somehow. Salvage what I can, hope the frame is intact maybe new groupset , seat post - potentially, new saddle - definitely. So there is quite a good opportunity here for me to better the equipment I use.

However there is a major complicating factor, insurance, I crashed on a friday afternoon, which means we won't hear from the insurer until sometime monday, so I have had all weekend to mull all this over, however will more then likely have to change my preferred outcome of the present situation when we hear from the insurer. So indeed I'm forced to largely speculate as to what will  happen and I think after learning from past experience that words in relation to this crash are going to be chosen carefully.

So let's just see where it goes, as for the moment thats all I can really do.

Stay Safe, Awesome and Chilled
Dangerous Dave 

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