Friday, December 24, 2010

The Science Of Gift Giving

This is not a Christmas related rant indeed it’s about shopping and how we always seem to leave it to the last minute, this rare event seems to occur no matter the occasion that requires shopping. Be it Easter, someone’s birthday, or Christmas or whatever it may, we always seem to leave it to what we deem is the last possible chance.

Some of you may now be saying “But Dave! I always do my Christmas/birthday/insert occasion here shopping early, thus avoiding the rush.” An interesting argument but I am willing to wager on the fact you will leave it to the last possible date that is in fact “early” so you do indeed avoid the rush but have left it to the last possible chance that you feel comfortable with leaving it to, if you follow?

 However this leaving of the shopping can occur for numerous reasons, from laziness to more legitimate and valid excuses. However, no matter the reason the question can be asked that “Is our leaving of the shopping to last minute a show of our respect and thought to the person?”

Let us now examine the risks involved in leaving your shopping to the last minute, you may not have thought about the gift, and rush your choice, thus increasing the chance that your gift will be ill-received, which is not a fun spot to be especially if it is a gift of significance such as indeed a Christmas gift or birthday gift.  There are, however some benefits if you are organised to leaving your shopping to the last minute, especially the dreaded Christmas shopping.

Pre-Christmas sales are your friends, they don’t start until a week or two out from the big day for a reason, to force you in my view to rush into making several big ill-thought out purchases that your intended recipient, may not essentially like. However let’s say that you have spent late November and most of December thinking out our purchases and hunting around for the best deal pre-sales and then also when the sales start, thus ensuring you know the product your going to give and also know the person your giving it to will receive your gift well.

My other big tip is to know exactly who you have to shop in terms of how many individual people you are shopping for and how much money you can afford to spend on each individual then the final thing you need to know is what each individual’s preference is for a gift.

From my experience the following things work as gifts:
·      Books – only if you get the right genre though, but otherwise cheap they last and entertain for a while. Value for money winner
·      Perfume – only give this to a partner or girlfriend your mum doesn’t count no matter what you would like to think and be damn sure she likes the scent or label otherwise no pudding for you
·      Booze – buy what they drink and you really can’t go wrong here, only major pitfall is if you buy a cheap version of what they drink, and you look like a tight arse.

Remember a gift is a representation of yourself, your feelings towards that person and how you wish that person to perceive you so it’s worth putting a bit of thought into

Gift cards, clothing, CDs and DVDs… I am sorry to say just are not cool gifts, no matter whom they are for, or how well you mean it is not cool. In fact do not even consider it as a viable option; in fact do not even consider them as joke gifts. If the recipient has any sort of good taste you will get slapped when they open it

At the end of the day this is just advice from my own personal experiences of what has worked and not worked. Feel free to adapt this and use or trial this advice as you see fit, or send me any advice or tips of your own and I’ll post up the best ones of any that I get.

Stay awesome and chilled, and enjoy your Christmas Days
Dangerous Dave

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