Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Goodbye, Hello and Welcome

Welcome Dear Reader,

This will be an interesting trip, journey, roller-coaster, song, dance, best-thing-you-ever-done, one of the shittest choices we will both ever make, beautiful day, sweetest dream and worst nightmare for us both. Before I continue however allow me to explain what you have signed yourself up for. 

This new blog is an idea that I've been playing with for awhile, and have finally decided to take the plunge and dive head on in, I have blogged before, but this is a different ball game, a whole different game all together. I am going to not write from a cycling slanted view point this time around I am going to share with the full in-depth goings, comings, in-betweenings of my world, day by day play by play as it happens. Watch and ride the roller-coaster with me. I do not pretend that I am someone famous or out to change the world, however I have awhile before my life will again become interesting. So I have decided to act on my idea, and see where I can take myself and you, on what I am sure will be a hell of a trip over the coming months. 

So saddle up and enjoy the ride as I'm not going to hold back this time, what I think will be typed and come what may, your going to get my thoughts, my feelings my raw and bloody - well hopefully not bloody - emotions, my reflections on past events, my thoughts about study, my thoughts about family, about friends, about life, about music about anything and everything I see fit to write about.....

Welcome to "The Life and Times of Dangerous Dave"

See you at the other end.

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