Monday, September 19, 2011

Distractions and Changes

Ok so some of you may be asking me where I've been. Well I could say that I've been busy with my university studies and haven't had time to blog much. I would only be telling part of the truth. I could say I've been too tired from training and racing this would most definitely be lying, I've barely touched a bike in the time I've been up here. I could say I've been spending time with my totally amazing and unreal girlfriend...I would also be definitely lying.

So where have I been? The answer is simple I've been on Facebook.

Wasting time and seeing myself distracted from the youth of my life passing me by...whilst I sat constantly checking into wherever I was, constantly updating my status, constantly being distracted from the more important things in my life.

After doing some extensive soul searching, I took the choice to change, I've removed Facebook from my life. No longer will I waste time procrastinating from my studies on Facebook. No longer will I stay home from my rides to check in somewhere cute. No longer will I be distracted from my loved ones. No longer will I be distracted from life.

What you can expect now is me to update this blog with my goings, comings and inbetweenings. With tons of pictures, links to anything relevant to whatever I am writing about that day, and plenty of links and videos to anything not relevant. You can expect reviews of things that I use, you can expect a better bigger improved blog. You can also expect a total life change, I am going to get back down to a respectable weight, I am going to eat healthier. I am going to rededicate myself to my studies. I am going to train and race harder and smarter then ever before. I am going to spend more time with the people I love.

Get ready for the future
Stay Safe, Be Awesome, Look Sharp
Dangerous Dave

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